Monday, January 8, 2007

Grants For The New Myths Blacks Need

I've said it before, but African Americans need new myths to live an honor. The ones we have right now aren't ours... they were giving to us or shoved down our throats. They don't serve us. worst yet, they are actually killing us.

Thug Kulture and its hyper masculinity that holds black people to not feeling compassion, nor love breeds personality disorders and other forms of mental illness.

"Spare the rod..." And you'll spoil the child. If beating solved anything, there wouldn't be one black person in prison right now. Even America's version of Christianity has to be looked at closely now days. This is not the 13th Century. We need to raise children strong enough and conscious enough to mature into the adult skills needed for the 21st Century.

We need black men and women poets, artist, musicians, dancers, and rappers who will create prose and song inspiring "folks" to try on different masks. Joseph Campbell in The Hero's Journey (which we're all on) deciphered the hieroglyphics of stories as ancient as man ... and left us ready made recipes for our tasks. Now all we need is the time, money and inspiration to do so. Click on this link to the National Foundation for The Arts and have a look: NEA

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